FAQs | uvSABA (Safe Air Breathing Apparatus)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is uvSABA manufactured?

A: uvSABA is manufactured in the USA, and we only used high quality materials for this device.

Q: Why not just clean the air in the entire room? 

A: While cleaning the room air can be beneficial, by having your own source of clean air, you can have protection in a variety of environments. Note, if you leave uvSABA running in a room, it will clean the air over time, but the fastest way to clean air is to have it aimed at your nose or face.

Q: Can you eat while wearing this device?

Developed by Tulip Samiun

A: Yes. One nice aspect of this solution is you can breath clean air while eating. uvSABA is protection above and beyond other solutions out there.

Q: Can I share this device?

A: There are best practices for sharing. Ideally, everyone is safe at home and there is no need for two people who are both staying together to protect themselves from one another. Therefore, if you wanted to share your uvSABA, an option is to each have your own face piece and when either of you want to go out, you take the device and your own face piece. You would not want to share using the device at the same time.

Q: Is this a mask or can I wear it with a mask?

A: No. uvSABA is not a mask, but yes you can wear it under a mask. This is the ideal way to wear it as you create a zone of clean air within your mask that is constantly being refreshed.

Q: How do you clean it after use?

A: The nose piece is easy to clean with soap and water or alcohol. This is another advantage over other technologies out there. The nose piece is water resistant and easy to clean. Masks and respirators can require disassembly or need to go through a washing machine and drying cycle.

Q: Is this the same thing as sunlight?

A: In our case we are using UVC, which also naturally occurs from the sun, but does not reach earths surface. UVC has more energy than UVA or UVB which you can receive from the sun. The higher energy means it is more effective. Of course, uvSABA also works while you are indoors.

Q: What does uvSABA stand for?

A: Ultra Violet Safe Air Breathing Apparatus. 

Q: What about the air you're breathing through your mouth while wearing the device? Is that filtered?

A: uvSABA is designed to provide excess air to your face so that you have clean air to breathe for your nose and mouth. That clean safe air can be breathed by both the nose and mouth. In addition, when you wear a mask over your uvSABA, it helps contain more safe air around your mouth.

Q: What happens if someone coughs on me while wearing the device and I don't have a mask on...will I get COVID?

A: The advantage someone who is wearing uvSABA has is that they're being proactive. We expect you to follow CDC guidelines such as not touching your face when you haven't washed your hands or wearing your mask when you are around people who are showing symptoms such as coughing, but in any case, wearing uvSABA will give you more protection. The clean air cloud around your face is part of what offers that protection.