Born of necessity, uvSABA was brought to you by an entrepreneurial team of experienced innovators.  After developing the concept, we were asked to participate in a project at Stanford entitled Rebuild: Innovating for a Post COVID-19 Future and launched uvSABA for those who need it most.  After the launch, and several updates later, the version 2 series you see here is now available. 

We were first able to help a few travelers who wanted a better way to process the air they breathe.  We tested it while traveling ourselves as well.  Then a few families who wanted a good way to visit each other while breathing filtered and treated air.  Some users like to wear their uvSABA to the grocery store or attend outdoor gatherings that they would not have felt comfortable attending otherwise.  Now technicians and others have discovered uvSABA to help with their needs.  Simply having fresh air in your mask or face shield is a benefit to many people.

There is more innovation on the way and we are already thankful for those that have provided helpful feedback.  This product and its development is a clear example of what should be released quickly for the benefit of those that can use it now.

With all that is coming quickly, you could be part of this story.  If you are interested to participate in this rapid development or partner in other ways, please let us know.  You can reach us through the link below.