Safe Air Breathing Apparatus (uvSABA) 2.0 package

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Every purchase of uvSABA package includes:

1. Safe air-breathing apparatus (uvSABA) 2.0

2. charger

3. 2pcs. carbon filter

4. 2pcs. nasal cannula you can choose your preferred length, 4ft. or 7ft. long.

Key Features

  • UVC pathogen exposure chamber
  • Positive pressure for comfort and assurance
  • Comfortably worn while active or driving
  • Passes through TSA check for flying
  • Portable with battery or power adapter operation
  • Protects you from leaks in PPE

We are constantly improving uvSABA.  The beta model is shown in the photo.  
It includes a UVC emitter to clean the air in a chamber with air pumped from that chamber to your face.  A face adapter is also included.

every purchase of uvsSABA comes with a free cannula.

to learn more about uvSABA click on the link below.

uvSABA product sheet