How uvSABA works

Why choose uvSABA?

uvSABA (Safe Air Breathing Apparatus) is perfect for anyone who wants the ability to live their lives with the peace of mind that they are breathing healthy air.  From travelers and technicians who need to maximize their clean air environment while working or traveling, to urban and suburban residents running everyday errands, uvSABA was designed for you.

Unlike masks or respirators, uvSABA does more than filter the air; it neutralizes it with UVC.  uvSABA alleviates fear and allows you to safely visit:


Crowded public spaces


Work meetings

office Social gatherings

Events and Conferences

Key features

UVC pathogen eliminator chamber

Positive pressure

Can be worn while driving

Safe for flying

Battery operated

Protects you from leaks in PPE

Does not require disposable filters


uvSABA Main unit

The design has been refined by user feedback and testing. Damage resistant features and ease of use are included.

All user functions are easily accessible from the top plate.

Fits easily in a small bag or backpack.